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You love each other, but it seems you are always arguing - or not talking, hurt by your partner, or finding yourself pulling away....and sometimes you wonder if you DO love your partner, because the person you started this journey with often doesn't seem to be the same person.  These are common statements individuals make when they come to see me.  You want to feel your partner cares about you, especially when you are hurting, but often it may feel like they don't, because of what they say and how they act when you have these conversations......and they easily turn into arguments.  When you feel hurt, disrespected, ignored or dismissed, it is hard to get close to your partner, and if these issues do not get resolved, they just go under the rug until the NEXT argument, when they seem to arise again...and again, and again.  Feelings like these often take couples to the brink of frustration, anger, and sometimes thinking about divorce.  Most of the time it is not about the problem, it's about how you and your partner deal with the issues. I want you to feel the love the way you did when you were first together, and even better, to help take your relationship to a place where you both feel loved, respected, and cared for, especially in dealing with problems. I will work with you using Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) to get to that place where you and your partner feel you really understand each other and are able to work through issues without feeling that you can't go on this way.  I will work with you to get to the place where you both feel you can talk about anything, even those 'difficult' and sometimes hard conversations.

If you are dealing with the effects of an affair, addiction, or find yourself struggling with step-family issues, extended family problems or lack of communication, my counseling office offers a safe place to talk about all these issues, both individually and as a couple, and learn new ways to deal with the issues that confront you.  My client is your relationship, so I will protect the session so you always feel safe here.  To further understand how EFT works, click HERE.


​Raising a child is one of the most difficult - as well as rewarding - jobs undertaken by a person.  Not only do we want as parents to raise our children to be independent, responsible adults, but also to want to have a good relationship with them during their growing years as well as after they are grown.  We will work together to grow that relationship, as well as discover ways to give your child the values you think are necessary for him/her to be a successful adult!


Premarital counseling from a therapist is different than premarital counseling through a pastor, minister, or priest. Premarital counseling is 8 sessions of conversation about subjects that are often difficult for you as a couple to discuss, but are very important to discuss - how each of you view your roles in the marriage, how you will handle finances, what your goals are in parenting, spirituality, and resolving conflict successfully and without anger. 



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