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We all know that anger can damage our relationships, our career, and our very lives, but trying to get a handle on that anger sometimes seems impossible.  Anger is often called a secondary emotion - when we feel hurt, embarrassed, disrespected or frustrated, we react in anger, while that is not really what we are feeling.

We are all born with an "anger style."  Some people are born with a "quick temper," some don't show their anger in the more traditional form of yelling, but use innuendo and sarcasm to show their displeasure at their loved one's behavior.  Some people can even be "ticking time bombs," holding in their frustration and irritation until eventually it blows.  Every one of us gets angry - it is what we DO in that anger that is important.  Whatever your anger style, you can learn tools both to manage your anger and communicate and resolve conflicts without getting angry.  You can have a life in which you control your anger instead of your anger controlling you.  I have some tools to help you learn to manage your anger, and even learn how to resolve conflicts without getting angry, and truly express what you may be feeling, besides anger. Seem impossible?  It's not!

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