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How we do - or do not - resolve our conflicts affect our relationships.  If we resolve our conflicts with others using words that express mutual respect and consideration, our relationships benefit.  If we resolve our conflicts using foul, derogatory or condemning language and condescending attitudes, our relationships suffer.  Most of us do not have any skills in this area, because we've never been TAUGHT any skills!  In fact, when we were young, we never had good examples of conflict resolution because either our caregivers did not fight in front of us, or if they did fight where we could see and hear, what we experienced would probably not be considered a "good example."  

The skills we will talk about in our sessions together are simple to understand, but I will admit, they can sometimes be a challenge to achieve, usually because in those moments we feel unloved, misunderstood, or disrespected, it is very difficult to use "tools."  I want you both to get to the place where your partner really understands how you feel, and in that understanding, works to resolve the problems in a loving, constructive way.

I was recently asked to speak about conflict resolution on talk radio.  To hear the 10-minute interview and discussion about conflict resolution, click below.

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