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More Questions

What is the difference between LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) and LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)?

Both LPCs and LMFTs have the ability and the licensure to counsel the same issues and mental disorders.  However, part of the additional training given to LMFTs is specifically with families and couples.  They have also been trained in family systems, which means they have been trained in viewing the family as a whole, and has the ability to work with the entire family.  That does not necessarily mean that the LMFT will automatically work with the family as a whole at the same time, but may be more apt to work with more than one family member at the same time.  Check the AAMFT button below to find out more about LMFTs from our national association.

What should I/we expect from therapy?

The first session is called the Intake Session, during which I will be asking questions about yourself and family, relationships and what brought you into counseling.  We will be setting out what you want to happen as a result of the counseling, i.e., your goal(s).  There is typically some kind of homework given, because while insight may happen during the therapy session, change usually happens during the time during the week between sessions.  Therapy is us working together!


When should I seek therapy?

If the problems that you are dealing with begin to overwhelm your everyday life, therapy may be very beneficial to you.  If you feel like the issues you're dealing with are out of control and you have no one to turn to who can help you make sense of the craziness of your life, therapy can help you sort out what you think and what to do about what is happening in your life.  

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